Software development consulting
and application integration

Who we are

We are a team of more than 35 professionals
with experience in software development.

We provide solutions in different technologies
to our clients to maximize their income,
increasing their productivity and reducing
their operating costs.

We are result oriented without compromising

the quality of service.


To be a global company that provides quality

and innovation in technology, creating long-

term relationships, becoming a strategic partner.


High quality and innovation, generating effective responses.

Developing teamwork as a

constant in our daily work.


Infrastructure Services

We combine experience in technology and processes
for the management of your Oracle infrastructure.

Database Administration

DB Upgrades, Backups, data guard.

DB migration to the cloud. 

Docker - kubernetes.



Automation Testing

Oracle APEX

Application Express

The modern platform for
web application development.

APEX is presented as a rapid application development tool (RAD), which is available free of charge for companies that have an Oracle database and allows the creation of customized solutions in less time and at a lower cost than with any other tool, making it the most cost-effective option.

QA Automation

Automating Testing

Automated solutions

Kiú can help you save hours of repetitive
manual testing. Turn manual testing

into automated testing solutions.

Identify bottlenecks and problems in the current QA process.


Implement a Scrum/Agile approach in your team.


Create strategies that help mitigate risks in different environments.


Increase the value of your digital solutions.


Integrate continuous testing into existing CI/CD pipelines.

Or we can create one according to your needs.


Implement indicators and metrics to measure

the evolution of your business.


QA Automation


Business innovation

Transform, innovate and optimize
your business through enterprise applications

with digital technologies.

Your software products generate opportunities, but
also expose you to new risks. Only a high-quality product
has a chance to succeed in today's market.


We help companies transform themselves through the implementation of optimized processes and the continuous improvement
of their business architecture, creating and implementing
departmental applications while seamlessly integrating

multi-cloud environments to maximize the return on your investment.


We provide the expertise to enable organizations
to leverage the latest in data science platforms and services.
We create end-to-end digital interaction strategies
to take your business into the future.

Main technologies

Main technologies

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